• Using a wide tooth comb to help prevent breakage and detangle
  • Towel dry excess moisture out
  • Apply Heat protector
  • Blowdry 75% of moisture out using fingers
  • Blowdry bangs first moving them side to side bang
  • Blowdry sides next, then crown, then back
  • Heat setting should match your hair type
  • Thick hair=high heat, fine hair=low heat
  • Finish with power drying on cool to add shine and hold the style


  • Kevin Murphy “Maxi Wash” Detox Shampoo
  • Kevin Murphy “Born Again” Conditioner
  • Kevin Murphy “Damage Manager” Heat Protector
  • Kevin Murphy “Anti-Gravity” Volume Spray
  • Kevin Murphy “Young Again” to repair dry ends
  • Kevin Murphy “Undressed” for flyaways
  • KMS “Makeover Spray” Dry Shampoo to hold blowdry for days
  • Blowdryer: 1500 watt “Chi”