Industry Experience: 2012
  • Standard Spray Tan: $32
  • Express Spray Tan: $37
  • 3 Standard Spray Tans: $86
  • 3 Express Spray Tans: $99
  • Upper or Lower Body Standard Tan: $16
  • Upper or Lower Body Express Tan: $19
  • Standard Tan Party: $27/person (4 person minimum)
  • Express Tan Party: $32/person (4 person minimum)


Jill grew up loving the warmth and results of a tan from the suns rays. Following high school, she began modeling and avidly competing in swimsuit and bodybuilding competitions. She would win tanning packages that included the highest intensity beds available. Of course, she utilized this and it resulted in some interesting spots and mole growths. Come 2007, she had a skin cancer scare and fortunately caught it just in time. From then on, she vowed NEVER to tan in a UV bed again and to always wear sunscreen if she was to be anywhere near the sun. Fast forward a few more years and some unsightly sun spots on her face began surfacing…YUCK! This all brought her to spray tanning and since then, she hasn’t looked back. Along with gathering as much knowledge for herself as she could, a business grew out of it. She enjoys helping people feel good about themselves and only wants to create the best and safest possible tanning experience for her clients.